brown covered hot tub in winter

Hot tubs and spas can be victims of the elements just like our other outdoor recreational equipment. It is very important to ensure you have taken proper care of your hot tub before winter hits. A great way to protect your hot tub in the winter is with a hot tub winter cover.

Hot Tub Winter Covers: Protect and Seal in Heat

Hot tubs lose a lot of heat through the top opening, which means part of winterizing your hot tub includes investing in a great hot tub winter cover to help seal in warmth, and keep rain and snow out of the tub, as well as wind-blown debris, and the damage it can bring. So safely covering your hot tub or spa during the winter will help it function well and extend its life.

Hot tub winter covers are also important if you plan to continue using your hot tub through the winter. Because hot tub winter covers help prevent heat from escaping through the top, you can leave the hot tub at a maintainable temperature consistently. The alternative is lowering the temperature when not in use, then raising it back up before getting in. This actually wastes a lot of energy and can cost you a lot of money. Storing your hot tub with a winter cover will help you moderate temperatures and keep costs down.

It is also important to use a hot tub cover to keep people, pets, and foreign objects from falling in. Your hot tub will stay cleaner and your family will be safer.

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