If you have recently decided to purchase a hot tub or are thinking about it, there are a few logistical questions you may not have yet considered. One of the most commonly overlooked is what kind of base you will want to install for your new spa. 

The base you select will not only ensure that your tub works properly, but also that it’s safe and looks as attractive as possible. There are a variety of different options to choose from, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. 

A Solid Base Is Crucial for Your New Hot Tub

Providing your hot tub with a flat, solid, supportive surface will help to ensure many years of relaxation without any headaches. And most importantly, a proper base can help prevent dangerous accidents. 

Any of these options can provide you with a dependable and attractive base for your hot tub. Considering additional factors, such as your budget and property layout, can help you to choose the best option for you. You may also want to keep in mind whether you would prefer to install your hot tub on an existing base or create an entirely new one.

Concrete Base

Concrete is a simple and solid option for your hot tub base. If you’ve got a concrete patio, then you already have your base waiting for you. But even if you don’t, installing a concrete base is a fairly simple job. A team of professionals can pour a concrete slab in the perfect location on your property. 

This option is also easily customizable, so your tub can be made to fit perfectly onto this base.

Spa Pad

A great DYI and low cost option for a hot tub base is a prefabricated spa pad like the SmartDeck. 

While spa pads require a little bit of installation themselves, the process is usually more simple than any other option. They also provide easy customization options and an array of styles to choose from.

Deck Base

If you already have a deck with some extra space on it, then that space can be one of the best options for a hot tub base. Since an existing deck is close to your home, using it as your hot tub base would be convenient for both you and your electrician who creates the dedicated circuit for your spa, compared to a deck farther from your home. You could also build a ground level “deck” as another great alternative. 

You will want to determine that your deck is equipped to bear the weight of your spa, though, as any unit will weigh thousands of pounds and can present a serious hazard if it’s placed on unstable ground. Make sure to have the deck inspected before installing your new hot tub.

Paver Base

Paver stones can be an attractive and cost-effective hot tub base, they require careful installation to ensure that your spa is resting on a perfectly flat surface. Most patios are installed with a “pitch” to them to allow for water runoff. If you are putting a hot tub or swim spa on an existing patio, it is important to check to see what your pitch is. If building a new patio, request that the area where the hot tub or swim spas is going is perfectly level and flat to ensure that the water is even. 

The Pavers will require a base of their own, as laying the pavers without one will in later years result in an uneven and unstable base for your hot tub. Consider using cement to fix them into place.

Questions About Hot Tub Bases and Installation?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what kind of base you’d like for your new hot tub, the knowledgeable team at Great Bay Spas is ready to help. We can recommend the best solution for your particular budget and design needs. Contact us today.