Spas and hot tubs are actually the same thing. They’re both large tubs full of bubbly, warm water waiting to soothe away the day’s stress and ease sore joints and muscles. Owning a personal spa is an affordable luxury that can contribute to an increased level of well-being. It’s also a great way to enjoy the outdoors in almost any weather. This article is intended to help you find quality spa repair in New England and New Hampshire. 

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Like many other home items, owning a spa means giving it a little extra attention to make sure it functions properly for the long haul. The best way to do this is with regular maintenance and reliable professionals to address repairs as needed. 

Known as one of the best places to find your perfect spa, Great Bay Spa & Sauna is so much more. We offer a complete array of spa services in addition to replacement parts, maintenance chemicals, filters and accessories. Our award-winning service department has received the distinction of Number One in Northern New England and have the capacity to fix most hot tub problems on the first trip. Whether you need maintenance or an actual repair, Great Bay is here to help.

Spa Maintenance in New England

Spa maintenance is all about prevention. Putting in the right amount of work on your hot tub while it’s in good shape can prevent expensive repairs in the future. Typical maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning drains and filters
  • Draining and refilling tubs
  • Chemical checks

These are activities that can be completed by professionals to ensure everything stays in working order and you have your spa to enjoy for a long time. In addition to this regular maintenance, as a spa owner, you can help prolong the life of your hot tub by regularly checking on water circulation and water temperature. Keep debris out of your spa and wipe down above the water line about once every week. While you’re cleaning, don’t forget the outside shell of your spa and the cover. 

If any concerns arise with the care of your spa, Great Bay Spa & Sauna is happy to schedule a 20-point inspection. We offer this service alongside our drain clean and refill maintenance package.

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Another key component of proper spa maintenance is preparing it for the winter. This is a many-stepped process that Great Bay Spa & Sauna has plenty of experience performing. Who else are better experts in winter than New Englanders?

As a whole, winterization includes shutting power down to your spa, draining the water from the tub and the air blower, removing and cleaning your filters, and giving some attention to all the little parts to make sure no standing water gets left behind. With over 40 years of experience meticulously going through the details of winterization, the technicians at Great Bay can ensure your spa stays safe throughout the winter and is ready to relax in once the weather warms up.

Spa repair in New England

For the full range of spa repairs, including diagnosing issues that don’t seem to have an obvious source, it’s definitely best to bring in an expert. The trained technicians at Great Bay Spa & Sauna are familiar with all makes and models on the market today. Our in-home service, for those living in and around the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area, can address any problem you’re having with your spa. Our spa repair services include:

  • Clogged filters
  • Dirty water
  • Leaking spas
  • Bad filters and pumps
  • Control board malfunctions
  • Heater failure
  • Poor water circulation
  • And more

Diagnosing and addressing these problems can be done quickly and without hassle when a trained professional is brought in to inspect your spa. Most repairs won’t cost more than a few hundred dollars and is based on what new parts, if any, will need installation.

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Tried and tested spa repair in New England

As the oldest and most respected hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer in New England, Great Bay Spa & Sauna not only prides itself on its inventory of high-performing merchandise, but also on the amount of on-going service we’re able to provide our customers. Our relationship with customers doesn’t stop after they leave our showroom having made a purchase. Whether coming back in for additional accessories or maintenance items or contacting us for service or repairs, we’re with you through the entire lifecycle of your spa or sauna ownership.

Even if you didn’t purchase your spa from us, if you find yourself in need of repairs or a trusted expert to perform regular maintenance, give Great Bay Spa & Sauna a call