The search for the best swim spa can be a taxing one. So many brands, and so many features. It can really leave your head spinning. It’s difficult to know what’s important, what is marketing, and whether or not the product performs. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We did the hard work for you and set out to find the top performing swim spa. Read on to see what we found.

Best Swim Spa Brand

There are many brands to consider when it comes to swim spas. The best one by far is Hydropool. Hydropool is the best swim spa brand for many reasons. The superior design and quality of the materials are just the beginning. Their patented jets keep you centered for a stress-free workout and their self-cleaning function makes them (nearly) maintenance-free. Really the ultimate package for a swim spa.

Best Swim Spa Overall

That would be the Hydropool AquaSport 17AX. With 31 jets, it delivers the perfect combination of fitness and hydrotherapy. You can stress your body with an intense aquatic workout, and then heal it with hydrotherapy – all without getting out of the swim spa. The SoftStride mat and stainless steel exercise bars provide top-notch stability for all your workouts.

Customer Reviews

When you are doing your research on what product is the best, it is always important to consider customer reviews. Every manufacturer will shine the best light on their products, but the opinion of a real person can cut through the fluff to let you know how good a product REALLY is. Let’s take a look at a few.

Hydropool Self Cleaning is a Must! – Customer Review #1

I like my hydropool 17′ aquasport. I LOVE its self-cleaning, bottom sweeping, function!


Hydropool AquaSport Makes It Easy to Stay Focused – Customer Review #2

I absolutely love my hydropool aquasport! I’m the only one who uses the swimming jets for actually swimming. It’s pretty easy to stay centered even though I’m a very weak swimmer.It’s nice to just be focused on my swimming form, rather than where am I wandering off to.


Hydropool AquaSport Trainer Delivers a Great Workout – Customer Review #3

Just got my 17’ aquasport. I tried the jets for resistance yesterday and got a decent workout. My 65-yr-old MIL did an hour aquacise workout and loved it!


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no matter which model you buy, you can’t go wrong with a Hydropool Swim Spa. They set the standard in terms of quality and functionality. Why would you settle for anything less? If you’re interested in seeing what Hydropool can offer you, be sure to schedule a FREE wet test at our showroom. You won’t be disappointed!