A spa is a great addition to your home for entertainment, but it’s far more than that – a quality spa is an investment in you and your loved ones. A daily soak provides muscle and stress relief, an increase in energy, and a better night’s sleep. An added bonus is that spending time in the warm, enveloping waters of a spa can improve and deepen relationships.

Your Spa can Increase Your Body Wellness

 You may think of your spa as simply a way to relax after a tough day. But spas offer documented health rewards, so take full advantage of your investment by taking advantage of the body benefits that come with regular use.

Yoga by the Sundance® Spa - Sundance® Spas at Great Bay Spa & Sauna in Portsmouth NHImprove sports performance and muscle recovery after a workout.

Young or old, physical exercise or at-home workouts take a toll with muscle aches and pains.  Soaking in the warm water of a spa is shown to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. Hydrotherapy features, like targeted jets, can loosen stiff muscles. A soak in the spa before exercising can also warm up muscles, which decreases the risk of injury.

Relax muscles, relieve pain, and get a better night’s sleep.

A nice soak in the soothing waters of your spa will relax your muscles. But it can also help relieve some types of pain by relaxing tense muscles, joints, and tendons.

If you have arthritis, the heat and massaging action can help alleviate stiffness and inflammation, and the water supports your body and takes the weight off of joints, which improves flexibility and range of motion. Then get a great night’s sleep – it has been shown that a nightly soak promotes deeper and more restful slumber.

Raise your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure.

Immersion in hot water can have a big effect on vascular function and blood pressure. A 2016 study showed that passive heat therapy may help reduce cardiovascular risk and death, especially if you have a limited ability to exercise. A 10-minute soak was found to lower blood pressure in an earlier study and is considered safe for most people with high blood pressure.         

Make Your Spa the Center of Your Daily Mind and Spirit Wellness Ritual

While your spa can help you connect with your body and relieve aches and pains, it also has several mental health boosts, so use your spa time to take advantage of all of the benefits a soothing soak can provide.

Meditating in a Sundance® Spa - Great Bay Spa & Sauna in Portsmouth NH

Meditation is made easy.

The warm, nurturing water of a spa coupled with a relaxing ambiance makes the perfect environment for meditation and reflection. Add some scented candles to the area in relaxing scents. Close your eyes, cross your legs, and keep your posture upright, but relaxed. While keeping your head up and facing straight ahead, begin to breathe deeply. Empty your mind of thoughts and keep focused on your breathing. You’ll find your mind will soon clear and the day’s worries disappearing in the soothing environment.

Soak away stress.

Water therapy (hydrotherapy) has been used for thousands of years to relieve stress and anxiety. The warm, soothing waters relax muscle tension, and if your tub has a waterfall listening to the sound of the water can wash away your mind’s troubles.

Soothe your soul.

Spa time is a great time for self-reflection, even if you’re not into meditating. Add some soothing music or listen to an inspirational audiobook, some candles for ambiance, and a cup of fragrant herbal tea and let yourself relax into the moment. Ahhhhh.

Strengthen and Improve Your Relationships

Back in the 1960s, hot tubs were often portrayed as party central with all sorts of crazy amorous shenanigans. Times have changed, and while your spa still has a lot of entertainment value, it’s playing an increasing role in relationship building.

Family bonding in a Sundance® Spa - Sundance® Spas at Great Bay Spa & Sauna in Portsmouth NH

Make spa time family time.

You may spend take your kids to sports practice, school or even to the movies, but how much quality time do you really spend with them? Soaking in a spa makes everyone relaxed, and it’s a great time to share news of the day, have some fun and get to know each other better. It is a great place to make memories. “Hey, remember that time we were in the spa and…”

Reconnect with your partner.

Worry, stress and physical pain all take a toll on romantic relationships. The warm water and soothing jets pull the stress from your bodies, which lets you focus on each other instead of the day’s troubles. Now is the time to talk about what is important to you both and what you mean to each other.

Spice up your romance.

Take a page out of the ’60s and add some fun and intimacy to your romance by adding some special touches to your usual spa experience. Strew rose petals on the path to the tub, play romantic music, light candles, and set out some delectable nibbles. Enjoy!

From soothing aches and pains to a better relationship with your family, to turning up the temperature on your romance, it’s hard to imagine a full, healthy life without a spa. Reach out today and we’ll find the perfect spa for you.