Nothing beats the quiet, calm relaxation of a steam room. Did you know that it also offers several health benefits?

Stress Reduction

One of the most obvious benefits of spending time in the sauna is reducing stress. Between busy schedules and demanding jobs, everyone could use a little less stress in their day-to-day lives.

Simply taking time away from the stressors in your life and pampering yourself can help reduce stress, and steam rooms can compound the effects as the heat helps your body release endorphins and relax. Many people report feeling calmer and even sleeping better when they use steam rooms.

Better Work Out Recovery

You might expect to feel sore after a tough workout, but you probably don’t look forward to it. The pain you experience after a workout is called onset muscle soreness, and, fortunately, spending some time in the steam room after you exercise may help.

Moist heat can help relax muscles and soothe nerve endings, which can help decrease the pain you experience. After your next hard workout, treat yourself to a little time in the steam room for a chance to recover faster.

Clear Sinuses

Say goodbye to your stuffy nose and breathe easy. Saunas may help open up your airways and sinuses and clear out your congestion. The wet heat can help open and thin the mucous membrane in your nose and throat.

Better Circulation and Blood Flow

Spending time in a steam room may even improve your circulation. As your body is exposed to the warm, wet heat of a steam room, your capillaries will dilate, which encourages blood flow. This can rejuvenate your system as oxygen is efficiently delivered throughout your whole body.

Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t want beautiful, glowing skin? The wet heat of steam rooms can help open up your pores, and the condensation can help wash away acne-inducing dirt and dead skin. Steam rooms are particularly useful after a good workout; it can help you avoid some of the skin problems that come along with heavy exercise.

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