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So you’ve got a hot tub, the water’s warm, and you’re ready to soak in and relax. How can you make the most of your investment? Outfit it with the best hot tub accessories and you’ll be good to go for years to come. We recommend these accessories to get the most enjoyment and longevity out of your hot tub. 

Automatic Sanitizing System

Hot tubs and spas can take a lot of upkeep, from balancing the water to making sure it is clean and sanitary. Manually testing your water and adding pH and chlorine yourself is fine, but do yourself a favor and get an automatic sanitizing system. This hot tub accessory will sanitize the water for you, often without using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals such as chlorine.

Hot Tub Cover

No matter where you live, quality hot tub covers are one of the best hot tub accessories. They keep debris and dirt out of your hot tub water, and keep the temperature consistent throughout the year while preserving energy. 

Cover Lift

As useful as they are, hot tub covers are also big, heavy, and bulky—a must for providing year-round insulation. Make life easier for yourself by getting a cover lift. Cover lifters keep your hot tub cover off the ground and make it easier—and safer—to remove a hot tub cover and enjoy a relaxing dip on your own.

Steps and Handrails

Speaking of safety, make sure to add steps and handrails to your outdoor hot tub. Steps will make it easy to get into the hot tub without straining yourself or hopping awkwardly over the side. Plus, they look great and can add to the style and decor of your outdoor hot tub space. Because these steps can get wet it’s helpful to also add handrails to prevent any slips and to help you carefully ease yourself into and out of the warm bubbling water. 
If you are looking to enhance your experience and keep your hot tub clean and useful for years to come, consider adding these best hot tub accessories. Great Bay Spas has everything you need to design and accessorize the perfect spa for your backyard. Contact us today to learn more about our hot tub accessories and other products.