Bullfrog Spa Dealer in Portsmouth, NH

Founded in 1996, Bullfrog has a reputation for bringing unique technologies and features to the world of hot tubs. Of special note are their removable, interchangeable JetPaksĀ® that allow you to personalize your spa experience. These JetPaks allow Bullfrog Spas to use 80-90% less plumbing and have 80-90% fewer holes in the shell than any other hot tub manufacturer. Without all that plumbing and all those holes to insulate, Bullfrog Spas have proven to be the most energy-efficient spas on the market.

Bullfrog also leads the spa industry in utilizing 100% composite construction. There are no components that can rot, rust or deteriorate. Bullfrog Spas are built to last, with lifetime warranties on many of their components.