PS46 3-Person Sauna


The Passport Series is quickly becoming known as one of the best values in traditional saunas due to its many unique features, including plug-in simplicity and upgrades usually found only in designer saunas.

Imagine having a luxurious Finnish sauna experience quickly, easily and wherever you like. You can—it truly is portable! The Passport series makes owning a personal oasis at home easier than ever. Easy to assemble, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer type saunas, Passport puts the opportunity for a daily chance to relax and recharge within reach of everyone.

Product Highlights
  • Plug-in portability
  • Easily Installs in one hour
  • Color light therapy System
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Can Be Used Wet (with steam) or Dry

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Sauna Accessories

Every sauna accessory you could ever need or imagine

Sauna Thermometer

A simple yet stylish essential for any sauna. This dark aluminum effectively keeps track of your saunas temperature as you relax.

Sauna Bucket

Timeless design combined with user-friendly shapes. The metal bucket is color-anodised aluminum, with heat-treated bamboo handles.

Bamboo Ladle

Bamboo is a beautiful material that goes well together with Finnish sauna seat woods and delights sauna-goers with its naturalness.

Bamboo Bath Brush

Rento bath brushes are made in bamboo and natural hair. The bamboo-oil-treated surface make them very comfortable to use.

Sauna Bucket Set

The durable natural fibre composite is pleasant to the touch and an excellent choice for the heat and humidity of a sauna.