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Certified Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

Certified and Preowned Hot Tubs and Spas make two people happy in hot tub


Hot tubs offer a variety of benefits to those who are able to use them regularly. Between relaxation and health, once you own a hot tub, you often can’t see your life without one. Most hot tubs last 20 years or longer, so what happens when you’re ready to upgrade? If your current one is still in good condition, what do you do with the old hot tub?


At Great Bay Spa & Sauna, we began hearing this question more and more often as our customers would return to our showroom. Taking this into account, and feeling a sense of duty to help our customers, we began allowing trade-ins and selling certified pre-owned hot tubs. This has been going on for more than 40 years.


Man sits in certified preowned hot tub


Helping our customers in more ways than one


There are more than 7.3 million hot tubs in operation in the US, but they don’t all have to be brand new. As we began developing our certified pre-owned program to help customers looking to upgrade their hot tub. We realized the benefits of this program were two-fold. As we started taking trade-ins as a service to our customers, we were then able to sell these same models at a reduced price. For those new customers who couldn’t afford a brand new hot tub, they now had a way to get a well-functioning, high-quality hot tub. All for less than the cost of something new.


Getting selected for our certified pre-owned program


Our experience selling and servicing hot tubs gives us an above-average perspective on the care an owner puts into their hot tub. We also understand the quality of each make and model of a hot tub. That’s why we are particular in what we allow into our certified pre-owned program. Each hot tub goes through a rigorous process before getting refurbished. We ensure each hot tub we sell. Whether new or pre-owned, it must meet the standard of quality our customers have come to expect.


Advantages of certified preowned hot tubs


Buying pre-owned has its perks


You’re getting more than just a hot tub once you decide to buy certified pre-owned from us. With each purchase from our pre-owned inventory, you also get, at no extra charge:


  • Standard delivery


  • Color-matched, insulated, locking hot tub cover


  • Chemical kit


  • Spa operation and chemical maintenance instructions


  • Ninety days parts and labor warranty


You can also buy in confidence that we’ve closely checked and double-checked each feature on your hot tub before allowing its sale. All of these free extras make buying from us, even if it’s a certified pre-owned hot tub, a worthwhile experience.


Checking out the certified pre-owned inventory


While our showroom at Great Bay is open every day the inventory available in our certified pre-owned program varies from week to week. With so many brands and sizes of hot tubs out there, it’s best to call and ask what’s available before coming by. We look forward to hearing from and seeing you.