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Key Benefits of Sundance® Spas Fluidix® Jets

High-quality hot tub jets can take a good spa and make it great, and Fluidix® Jets are some of the best that money can buy. With these premium quality jets, you can enjoy all of the stress relief, pain relief, and relaxation benefits of a professional massage from the comfort of your Sundance® Spa.

There are a variety of different Fluidix® Jets available, and the ones you’ll get to enjoy when you decide to install a hot tub in your home will depend on the specific hot tub you choose.

To help you get a better idea of what kind of hydrotherapy benefits each of our spas has to offer, we’ve detailed them in this simple guide, which includes the specific benefit, the Fluidix® Jets that offer it, and the series of Sundance® Spas where you can find those specific jets. Enjoy!


Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes the aching and tightness you’re experiencing can be relieved only by getting into the lower layers of muscle tissue with a deep tissue massage. A quality deep tissue massage can offer an array of benefits, including pain relief, stress relief, increased flexibility, reduction of arthritis symptoms, lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and aid in injury recovery.

Usually, all of these benefits require the help of an experienced massage therapist, but with our hot tubs from Sundance® Spas, you can now have your own automatic massage therapist in your home.

The Fluidix® Jets that offer deep tissue massage are:

  • Whirlpool Jet
  • Fluidix® Intelli-Jet™
  • Vortex™ Jet
  • Fluidix® ST™ Jet

All of these jets have features of their own that can help you customize and improve your deep tissue massage experience even further, including adjustable intensity, adjustable pressure, oscillating directions, and more.

All jets are included in Sundance® Spas 880™ and 980™ series, and the Vortex™ Jet is included in the 780™ series.


Pressure Point Massage

Pressure point massage is an ancient practice that targets specific areas of the body that can stimulate nerves and activate your body’s own healing mechanisms. It can help to reduce tension, relieve headaches, improve mobility and flexibility, and relieve pain associated with a whole variety of different medical conditions including arthritis, herniated discs, sciatica, and more.

With Sundance® Spas, jets provide pressure point massages that are more concentrated and offer a good amount of pressure, so they can really hone in on those specific areas and provide you with the relief you’re looking for.

The Fluidix® Jets that provide pressure point massage include:

  • Accu-Pressure™ Jet
  • Focus Relief® Jet
  • Pulsator™ Jet
  • Mini Vortex™ Jet
  • Adjustable Accu-Pressure™ Jet
  • SMT™ Jet

These jets offer a powerful, targeted stream that can ease tension in your muscles and relieve joint pain, and some can be adjusted to your specific pressure point needs.

Accu-Pressure™, Focus Relief®, and Pulsator™ jets are included in the 880™ and 980™ series, and Mini Vortex™, Adjustable Accu-Pressure™, SMT™, and Accu-Pressure™ jets are included in the 780™ series.


Muscle Release

If you’ve ever received a Swedish massage, you know all of the great benefits these muscle release-focused Fluidix® Jets have to offer. They provide a powerful, targeted stream that moves in a variety of different rhythmic patterns which can help to increase circulation, release tension, relieve pain, and make you feel incredibly relaxed.

Fluidix® Jets that offer muscle release benefits include:

  • Fluidix® Reflex™ Jet
  • Fluidix® NEX™ Jet
  • SMT™ Fluidix® Jet

Use these jets to focus on high tension areas and you’ll be feeling relieved and relaxed in no time at all.

Fluidix® Reflex™ and Fluidix® NEX™ jets are included in the 880™ and 980™ series, and SMT™ Fluidix® jets are included in the 780™ series.



Sundance® Spas are not all about targeting aches and pains. They’re also about kicking back and relaxing as you’ve never kicked back and relaxed before. There are Fluidix® Jets that can help you do that.

Those jets include:

  • Silent Air® Injector Jet

This jet produces a small stream of bubbles that diffuses SunScents™ fragrances so you can enjoy some aromatherapy right along with your hydrotherapy.

The Silent Air® Injector Jet is included in the 880™ and 980™ series.


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