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Benefits of a Portable Hot Tub

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When choosing and designing the perfect hot tub for your dream backyard, consider whether you want to commit to an in-ground hot tub or enjoy the flexibility of a portable hot tub. While both offer abundant health benefits and are great for social gatherings, you may find that one suits you better than another. Whichever you choose, make sure your hot tub is energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and built from high-quality materials.

What is a Portable Hot Tub?

To put it simply, a portable hot tub sits above-ground and is not built into your backyard or landscaping. Many spa owners prefer an in-ground hot tub because it can be a permanent part of the backyard and can be incorporated into the landscaping design. This creates a beautiful and connected space that meets certain expectations and requirements.

One drawback to an in-ground hot tub, however, is also its permanence. With a portable hot tub, you can take it with you when you move to a new home or move it to a new place in your yard any time you want a change. There are numerous other benefits that come with an above-ground hot tub as well.

Benefits of an Above-Ground Hot Tub

Its ability to move to a new location is a great perk, but the benefits of an above ground hot tub don’t stop there. Learn more below about what makes a portable spa such a great place to relax and unwind.

Less Expensive

When installing an in-ground hot tub, you will need to pay for additional costs like digging a hole, pouring concrete, and adding a deck, plus the cost of labor. When you purchase a portable spa, the only expense you need to worry about is electric work, assuming you already have a solid foundation.

Better Seating Options

Permanent in-ground hot tubs like the ones you find in spas and hotels are made with concrete seats, which are hard and can be uncomfortable. When you design a portable hot tub, you can choose seats of varying heights and angles, as well as different types of seats like a lounge style. Plus, they are made from a comfortable acrylic material designed to help you relax.

Better Jets

One of the best benefits of an above-ground hot tub is its versatility when it comes to jets. Hot tubs like those from Bullfrog Spas include a wide selection of jets with various pressure amounts and massage functions that are fully customizable. Bullfrog Spas even has 17 interchangeable JetPak options so you can swap and rearrange as needed.

How to Choose the Best Portable Hot Tub

Don’t settle for a portable spa that isn’t going to last for several years. Look for these qualities when choosing a hot tub to be sure you are getting the best one.

Durable Frame

The best portable hot tub options should be made from high-quality materials like durable synthetic ABS plastic. Avoid cheap inflatable, plastic, wood, or metal-framed hot tubs that are susceptible to punctures, breakage, rot, and rust. 

Energy Efficient

In addition to the initial purchase cost, you will need to pay to keep your hot tub up and running. Opt for an energy efficient model with full-foam insulation and an advanced water delivery system to ensure it is energy efficient. This will save you a lot of money in heating costs over time.

Easy to Maintain

Find out what is required to keep the water clean and the hot tub maintained and choose a portable spa that provides an easy-to-use system. 

Bullfrog Spas

When it comes to portable spas, Bullfrog Spas is the industry leader. The high quality is evident the moment you sink into one and feel your stress melting away.

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